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Download (0:3:34) [HBD COLLAB]; I will carry you Di Tempat Lain

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[HBD COLLAB]; I will carry you

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Durasi : 0:3:34
Diupload : 06 December 2015
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Hey guys!!

today (December 5) is my birthday! Yay, I finally 19 years. I prepared this collab for at least three months and my hard drive decided to die, so I lost EVERYTHING. What a wonderful birthday present.
But fortunately, Elisa (, remade my collab. (btw thank you to all the ppl who give me their part yesterday and today, u're amazing!!) She made the intro and the end of the collab, do you believe it? You can. A huge thank you to her, without her, this collab would not be there today. I am very lucky to have her, + thank you to Rose ( for the beautiful
texts!! + thank you to Manon ( she made two parts!

I hope you enjoy the collab, cuz I do! It's amazing, i'm in love seriously guys, you made ALL an amazing job!!
I'm in love with this collab, thank youuuuuuuuu!!
I take this moment to thank all the people who wished me happy birthday and made videos and collabs for me, I didn't expect it AT ALL and I'm still shocked. I enjoy everything, I'm the happiest right now. THANK YOU GUYS. REALLY. ♥

AND..AND..I haven't published anywhere. But I reached 10K subs. I still can't believe it, this number is so big. It's unbelievable. This number doesn't stop increasing. I don't deserve so much, but I'll try my best to not disappoint you. Thank you to all, it's because of you all that. You make my dreams a reality. THANK YOUX100000 ♥♥

Now, who did what?

Parrish&Lydia by Sweetie2566
Hayley&Klaus by plasta008
Noah&Riley by boredsleepycranky
Katniss&Peeta by LaurenMichelle
Aria&Ezra by iForeverYooung
Damon&Elena by MakeStronger3
Emma&Hook by LoveSucksManiac
Bellamy&Clarke by xChristinx24
Jackson&Lydia by skyesweetcherry
Stiles&Malia by xDarkDiamondsLoversX
Harry&Hermione by cloudxshadow
Jack&Rose by Alinastars1
Klaus&Caroline by Catty.
Wolfgang&Kala by artemis.
Daniel&Emily by auburned
Ophélia&Nick by Cece_Mich
Eleanor&Jasper by melprodz
Stefan&Elena by xkisshux
Lindy&Jake by perfectxstranger
Chuck&Blair by Natalie Sweet
Theon&Sansa by rose
Scott&Allison by EnchantedxPassion
Cook&Effy by strong connection
Margo&Quentin by xForeverDiamonds
Damon&Katherine by QueenD
Francis&Mary by xForeverDiamonds
Spencer&Toby by Limouse
Riley&Will by Katherine Pulkrab


Coloring: mine


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